Marketing Insights for Beauty Industry

The solution employs AI to identify genuine marketing leads in social media beauty groups, enhancing marketing strategies

Finding genuine customers among numerous posts in social media beauty groups is challenging.

Proposed Solution:

The solution employs AI to identify genuine leads in social media beauty groups, enhancing
marketing strategies. The approach includes:

● Automated Web Scraping: Extracting data from targeted Facebook groups.
● Keyword-Based Filtering: Filtering posts based on relevant beauty-related
● Lead Identification: Using AI models to classify posts as potential leads.

Technology Stack:

LLAMA3 Model: For advanced natural language understanding and lead
Reason: LLAMA3 excels in semantic understanding, crucial for accurately
discerning user intent.
ChatGPT API: For automated engagement with potential leads.
Reason: ChatGPT can generate personalized responses, enhancing user
Web Scraping Tools: Such as Beautiful Soup and Scrapy.
Reason: These tools are efficient in extracting and processing large volumes
of web data.

Why these technologies?

● LLAMA3 Model provides the necessary language understanding to accurately
identify leads.
● ChatGPT API enhances interaction with potential customers, increasing
● Web scraping tools automate the data extraction process, ensuring comprehensive
data collection.

● Increases customer base
● Strengthens relationships with the right audience
● Automates lead generation

Real World Applications:
● Social media marketing for beauty products
● Automated lead generation
● Customer relationship management